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New Lewd Comics Planned!

Posted by MrPecu - November 23rd, 2018

Seasons Greetings! Now that I've kicked off my shoes and got comfy, I wanna give you guys an update on the projects I've been working on! So consider this my introduction part 2!

For the past couple years I've been working on a plethora of comics. My current passion project is The Dandy Demon (Formerly Dandy Demons), a slice of life comic about monsters who fuck.A lot of my comics are episodic but as of late I've been trying to steer it in a more narrative path. You can read the first 3 chapters on my website



I have a couple projects in the works, one of them being the 4th chapter of the series. I'll have the first couple of pages available to my patrons very soon. I have everything scripted out and I'm still in the sketch phase for most of the pages, and given that I'm currently in school, my schedules been pretty tight. Regardless I want to get it out as soon as possible. Once it's all done it'll be free for all to read on my site.  


That's that's not the only thing I'm workin on. I also have a premium comic that I want to make during the holidays. The second series that I have in the works is te 2nd installment of Stacy and Company, a more episodic comic about a squirrel boy who get's his butt diddled by dickgirls. I only have one comic out that you can buy for 3 bucks on Gumroad. My most recent artpiece is more or less foreshadowing for what's in store. I'd like it to be done by Christmas but we'll see.

All in all I hope you enjoy my content and I look forward to sharing more with with NG community!


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I've noticed that newgrounds only allows one picture at a time in their art section. But post allow you to put multiple images. Maybe it would be a better alternative for the comic format? Also, love your work :)

Well I don't actually plan to post my full comics here. I have my own site to host my comics so that won't be a problem!